Name: Artur Rojek
Location: Rzeszów, Poland




One of the main interests in my life is computer programming. Since 2010 I have been involved in multiple software projects - mostly games - in the role of a programmer and/or porter. Worth mentioning are three titles developed by me: Unnamed Monkey Game, Shisen-Seki and Shifty Pills. Since 2013 I have been collaborating with Game Consoles Worldwide LLC., maintaining and porting several software titles to their handheld console. These include, among others, a set of games by Retroguru: Sqrxz 1-4, Xump, Giana's Return, Hermes. In 2016 I wrote a cross-platform haptic library for Linux and MacOS, which allows to expand gaming experience by a gamepad vibration. In 2017 I extended my skill set by Z80 assembly, developing for the Game Boy hardware.

During 2014 I was employed by Soft System Sp. z o.o. on a position of a software tester. My responsibilities included bug reporting and testing of their medical software suite.
In years 2015-2017 I worked as an iOS developer for Concise Software Sp. z o.o., where I was involved in multiple projects in the mobile and automotive sectors.

A Github account with many of my open-source contributions can be found at the following location: