Unnamed Monkey Game

Technology: C & SDL 1.2

My role: programming of the game engine, platform porting, level design

Status: work in progress

Website: www.unnamedmonkeygame.com


I started this project in late 2010 as a means of learning the C programming language. Initially written fully by me, in time I had another programmer joining the effort. My current role in this project is improving the game engine and AI system, as well as maintaining the several ports of the game to devices such as: SEGA Dreamcast, GCW Zero, Gamepark GP2X, GPH Wiz, GPH Caanoo, Dingoo A320 and others. Thanks to the selected technology and optimized code, the game is very efficient and will run full speed on low end hardware with computing power comparable to ~10MHz MIPS. A demo of the game is officially distributed with the GCW Zero handheld console and was featured at PAX East 2013 game expo.